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1964 Harley Davidson Topper $5000 (craigslist – Wi)

I’ve noticed more and more Toppers popping up on my radar lately, but this is one of the more complete examples. Most are being pulled from the depths of people’s barns and garages in such poor condition it’s nice to see a well-preserved example. This 1964 Harley Davidson Topper is located in Wisconsin. The seller […]

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Troublemaker Lambretta Special – $4650 (Bay Area Craigslist)

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing this Lambretta in person at a few Bay Area scooter rallies over the last few years. Although the photos in the Craigslist ad are nice, this scooter is much nicer in person… If you’re looking for a runner to get on and go, this could be the scoot for […]

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Heinkel Tourist Sidecar and Body – $600 (craigslist/boston)

Yikes… This isn’t something you stumble across very often. This Heinkel Tourist body and matching sidecar (tub) are currently listed on Craigslist in Boston. $600 seems like a steal. Even better if you have the running gear.  

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1980 Lambretta TS1 225 in New York – $3000 (craigslist)

There’s a nice looking TS1 on craigslist in New York… The seller claims the scoot is a ground-up restoration of a 1980 Jet 200 with a 225cc TS1 kit. Extensive upgrades and updates include a ceramic-coated expansion chamber, transmission upgrade and all sorts of other goodies. See the original ad on CraigsList  

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