1960 Lambretta Ser.2 TV175 001

1960 Lambretta Ser.2 TV 175 (Reader Submission)


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motobecane moby 002

Reader’s Ride: 1957 Motobécane Moby Type M Grand Luxe

Old Scoot fan Gilles Rebagliato has shared a few photos of his 1957 Motobécane Moby Type M Grand Luxe. My guess is that living in France makes it a bit easier to find French scooters, and this is a great example. Great Scoot – Thanks Gilles!

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The Guardian Steampunk Vespa

The Guardian Steampunk Vespa by Cris Cofitis

Here’s one for you Steampunks… I came across The Guardian Vespa by Cris Cofitis on Autoevolution while surfing the webs this morning. While I’m more of a purist myself, I do enjoy seeing a different take on the classic machine. The attention to detail here is amazing and no part of this scooter has been left untouched.  

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California DMV to Offer Vintage License Plates

Spotted this article on MotorCyclistOnline.com. It looks like California will start taking advance orders for vintage-style license plates on January 1, 2013. The program requires that they receive at least 7500 order by January 1, 2015 for production to begin. Having collected both the black and yellow plates for as long as I can remember, […]

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Some Damn Fast Scooters

Nice to see the smallframes represented…

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1966 Vespa Bluebadge Project in PDX

1966 Vespa Bluebadge (Primavera) Project (PDX) $1400

If you’re looking for a smallframe, here’s a nice Bluebadge Primavera (125) project for sale in Portland, Oregon. The seller claims that the engine has been recently tuned, but the frame needs some attention. As you can see in the photos, a little filler and some paint should make this a nice ride. Take a […]

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1962 Lambretta Li150 Project (Oakland, CA) $1500

Now that the winter is finally here, it’s time to hunker down in the garage and knock out a fresh scooter for Spring. I came across a few worthy Lambrettas on Craigslist over the weekend… This Li150 looks clean enough to ride with a little work, but comes with some registration issues that may push […]

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