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1967 J-Range Lambretta $1500 (RI Craigslist)

Nice looking J-Range for sale in Rhode Island…

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Heinkel Tourist Sidecar and Body – $600 (craigslist/boston)

Yikes… This isn’t something you stumble across very often. This Heinkel Tourist body and matching sidecar (tub) are currently listed on Craigslist in Boston. $600 seems like a steal. Even better if you have the running gear.  

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1961 Lambretta Li125 Ser.2 $2600 – Craigslist (Denver)

Spotted this Series 2 Li 125 on Craigslist in Denver. It appears to be in original condition and includes all of the goodies you want including the spare wheel and the original numbered keys. It’s recently tuned, runs well, and includes the title. Find it on Craigslist in Denver.  

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Can You See The Signs?

Let’s see how many red flags you can spot on this Craigslist beauty… DO NOT BUY THIS SCOOTER.

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1958 Cushman Scooter – Craigslist (Wisconsin)

A rare find with a seemingly great price in Barron, Wisconsin. This 1958 Cushman has been restored. The seller claims that it starts, runs and rides beautifully, but the tax man has come collecting and it’s time to get rid of a few toys. Ride it home for $2200.00. Check out the original post on […]

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1980 Lambretta TS1 225 in New York – $3000 (craigslist)

There’s a nice looking TS1 on craigslist in New York… The seller claims the scoot is a ground-up restoration of a 1980 Jet 200 with a 225cc TS1 kit. Extensive upgrades and updates include a ceramic-coated expansion chamber, transmission upgrade and all sorts of other goodies. See the original ad on CraigsList  

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